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Review and Analysis of Current Decision Making Theory Research Paper:

Students will do a review of current decision making literature. In a 10-15 page APA paper, write a review and analysis of the literature showing strong ties to this term’s learning.

Instructions: From the KU Online library find a minimum of 10 current (2009 or later) academic scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Do not do Web searches. These articles must be found in our KU online library’s databases. If you have any trouble finding articles, utilize the librarians. They are there to help. Review handouts in the course resources folder in the classroom at the Start Here folder for help on accessing the library, keyword searches, and article reviews.

In a 10-15 page APA paper, write a review and analysis of the literature showing strong ties to this term’s learning. Think of assignments as opportunities to show that you learned and can apply the learning.

The 15 page count is for the body of your paper. It does not include the required APA title page, reference pages, or appendices.

Remember class policy: no quotes are allowed. Paraphrase your sources citing the APA way. Click on the link directly above entitled “Week 8 Written Assignment” to submit your Week 8 Written Assignment to receive a grade. You have 3 chances to upload your assignment, return to check the SafeAssign score, make corrections if needed, and press START NEW for the next upload. When you are satisfied with the last upload, stop submitting. The last submission will be graded. When you select START NEW, you will lose access to the previous versions and their SafeAssign scores. So, copy these if you need them while you are making corrections.


Steptoe-Warren, G., Howat, D., & Hume, I. (2011). Strategic thinking and decision making: Literature review. Journal of Strategy and Management, 4(3), 238-250. doi:

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Course Materials:

  • Harvard Business Reviews’s 10 Must Reads on Making Smart Decisions by Daniel Kahneman, Dan Lovallo, and Olivier Sibony Harvard Business Review Press edition (Paperback – March 12, 2013). ISBN 13: 978-1422189894
    May be ordered from the publisher at: or
  • Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions by John Hammond, Ralph Keeney, and Howard Raiffa Harvard Business Review Press; 1 edition (August 25, 2015). Harvard Business Press Books Product #:15040-HBK-ENGISBN-13: 978-0875848570
    May be ordered from the publisher at: or
  • Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking: Concepts and Tools (24 pages) by Richard Paul Foundation for Critical Thinking; 7 edition (January 1, 2014). ISBN-13: 978-0985754402
    May be ordered from the publisher at: or
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. American Psychological Association. ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5


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