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For this sections graded discussion, I want to you to watch (or more likely re-watch) your favorite Star Wars movie. Hopefully, that won’t prove to be too hard – I uploaded two of the movies (Episode 1- The Phantom Menace and Episode 4 – A New Hope) in case you don’t have access to one of them. They aren’t my favorites, but it makes no sense to start with the others if you haven’t watched either of them. I’m sure, this is perhaps the most controversial statement I’ve made in this class, but there you go. If anyone wants one of the others, I can upload them as well.

This week, you watched the interview with George Lucas about how indebted he was to Joseph Campbell’s thoughts and ideas; as well, you watched Joseph Campbell’s lecture The Hero’s Journey. What did you think about his theory of myth? Illustrate (using at least two quotes/screenshots from your favorite Star Wars movie) how George Lucas incorporated Campbell’s understanding of mythology. What do you think about the process of creating a modern myth? How important is the Star Wars mythology in our modern American culture?

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