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Answer all these questions:

Hochschild, The Managed Heart (chapter 13-23 only)

What is emotion work?

What methods do managers use to foster and channel workers’ emotion work?

Leidner, Over the Counter at McDonalds, (see attached file)

How does McDonalds ensure a uniform product across all of its stores?

What is routinization? What are some of the ways in which McDonalds routinizes

work? (Please offer examples from the text). What are the kinds of behavior

routinization require of workers and of customers?

Otis, Bridgework

What is bridge work? How is bridge work executed? Who benefits from bridge


Reading link: http://www.wipsociology.org/2018/01/25/bridgework-globalization-gender-and-service-labor-at-a-luxury-hotel/?platform=hootsuite

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