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Self-Reflection exercises can be used as an opportunity to evaluate your own team skills. The point of these exercises is to challenge you to think about how you can improve these skills. Please respond to the questions below to include your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Take this as an opportunity to reflect upon your perceptions about your own strengths and weaknesses in your workplace. Please visit this link and read about the core skills needed to either lead or be a member of a successful team:


After reading this information, please think about your own skills. Write the following:

A paragraph describing what you think is your weakest teamwork skill.

A paragraph describing what you think is your strongest teamwork skill.

A paragraph with ideas on how you can improve your greatest weakness.

A paragraph with ideas on how you can take advantage of your greatest strengths.

Questions for Consideration

1. We have learned over the course of this term that communication and trust is crucial to virtual team success. Why?

2. Why is knowledge sharing important in virtual teams?

3. What are the most important concepts that you have learned in this course? What are the most important things you have learned about yourself?

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