I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

Please argue unequivocally one way or the other. Remember, an argument is something with which a reasonable person could (not _would_) disagree with

To make that disagreement harder, for each claim you make, point to a moment in the text to back it up. Everything In the first two acts is fair game for your analysis.

Things to be bear in mind include: what does Hamlet know, or not know, about himself? How consistent is his behaviour in different situations? How much is Hamlet a performer. And does this have an influence on how you evaluate his ability to be sincere?

To cite the text, put the quote in “inverted commas” and then on brackets put act number in uppercase Roman numerals (I or II), then a period, then the scene number in Arabic (1-5), then a period then the line or lines in Arabic (12, 12-14). Like this: I.5.46‐8, or II.2.140, or I.3.1-25.

The essay must be in a Times New Roman, 12pt, with 1” margins, and double-spaced, at least 3 pages (750-800 words).

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