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Week 5 Discussion Questions HRMG 5000

Developing Future Managers DQ1

Your organization (hypothetical) has a large number of individuals at the supervisor and management levels who will retire within the next seven years. How should you (in an HR role) go about succession planning for these positions? What types of training and talent development would you recommend, and why?

Aside from succession planning, why would an organization provide resources and tools to help individuals with their career planning? What does the organization stand to gain from this?

Does your organization provide any sort of succession planning or career planning?

Applying the Training Process DQ2

Your boss (in a hypothetical organization) has asked you to develop a training program for new employees in the customer care call center. There are about 1200 employees who staff the call center, and since turnover is close to 20% (not unusual for call centers), there are often new employees who need training on product knowledge, telephone courtesy, helping customers feel “served”, and dealing with difficult customers. One week has been designated for their initial training which includes four hours of information on health insurance and other benefits.

Refer to Figure 8-7, page 272, Sources of Information for Needs Assessment. Why is it important to conduct a good Needs Assessment (Think in terms of the end results).

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