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English 101, Spring 2020

Assignment: Write a paper of several paragraphs (maybe three) on a topic of your choosing about Crooked Letter so far. Use at least four (4) direct quotations from the novel to illustrate points or comments that you make.Show me that you can apply the standard principles that we go over in class:

  • Use quotations to support points that you make, not to drive your paper.
  • Correctly introduce/attribute or set up each quotation according to standard patterns studied in class.
  • Put quotation marks around quotations and cite by the author’s last name and page number.

The topic is up to you, but please write thoughtful observations and comments about the book rather than just re-stating what happens in it. We’ll generate some topic ideas and look at samples in class.

This is not a formal essay that needs a thesis statement or particular structure.The writing style, though, should be appropriate (not too informal or conversational).

The paper should be typed/word processed and double spaced. Follow the Typing Format Guide on Blackboard for formatting expectations.Carefully edit and proofread your work before printing and handing in your polished paper.

Points earned: up to 50

Due date: Tuesday, February 4, at the beginning of class (hard copy only, no Blackboard submission). Note: This is a change from the original Daily Schedule. Plan ahead for printing time.

  • Writing success tip: For any writing assignment, start thinking right away about possible topics. Do some written brainstorming (writing down a lot of ideas without worrying which are good or not) to generate possibilities.

“Writing is not just recorded thought. It is much more. Writing is thinking itself.”

—Donald Murray, very successful writer who should know

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