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Reporters must frequently go out of their comfort zones to get good stories and serve a broad audience. The goal of this assignment is to make you go someplace you wouldn’t usually go to learn more about someplace new and observe what’s around you. Examples include: a place of worship different than your own, a nursing home, a senior center, an ethnic store, veterans’ center, jail waiting area, social services, animal shelter, a local nonprofit, etc. You may NOT go to anywhere on campus, a bar, a restaurant, a gym, or a mall or will receive an automatic 50-percent grade deduction. The goal is to go someplace unique. I suggest spending at least 30 minutes at your post and observing: Who comes here? What signs/bulletins are on the wall? What can I learn about the community from this place? What stories might I do about this place? How could the people at these places be useful as sources in the future? Also describe your observation post, why you chose it, when you went there and whom you talked to. Two-page, double-spaced paper.

You can use your old experience to describe now or go to find somewhere.

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