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  1. Begin by selecting someone you know and with whom you have an ongoing relationship (e.g., coworker, supervisor, friend).
  2. Decide the topic/issue about which you both will be negotiating (e.g., salary, finances, responsibilities).
  3. Your well-written paper should contain the following elements:
    1. Start with 1-2 sentences identifying the person with whom you’ll be negotiating and the topic/issue of the negotiation.
    2. Define your goal or desired outcome for this negotiation.
    3. List what you know about the other party’s goals or interests concerning the negotiation. Also, list the questions you need to ask to improve your understanding of the other party’s goals and interests.
    4. Describe any additional information that’s needed for this negotiation (e.g., if the negotiation is about salary, you may need research on average salaries in your field; if the negotiation is about responsibilities, you may need documentation on how your time is currently spent).
    5. Discuss any potential issues you believe might arise in this negotiation as a result of your relationship with the other party.
    6. Propose at least two strategies you will employ in the negotiation to help maintain your relationship with this person.

Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length

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