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As a leader, you are also a coach, teacher and mentor to staff reporting to you. This assignment is a “mentoring application exercise”. To complete the assignment, you will mentor a colleague or staff member reporting to you, providing a lesson on Just Cultures.

Begin by preparing notes – a script – to include elements in the instructions and included on the Rubric. Use references to support your script.

Schedule and conversation with a colleague or staff member – your purpose is educating nurses on the Just cultures.

Assignment – Include the date, time and person(s) mentored in your report. Use the headings in the instructions/Rubric to organize your report.

Submit the transcript of approximately 400 – 600 words (2 pages) of communication employed (you may use first person in this assignment). As listed in the instructions – define and share the value of moving from a Culture of Blame to a Just Culture. Address promotion of accountability for organizations and individuals. Discuss effects on reduction of error and improvement in patient safety. Submit your transcript in the form of a report.

Use the following topics as headings for the report/transcript.

Intro. Include – Date, Time, Place and Person(s).

Example: The assignment _____________ was completed on _____ (ie. date) at _______(ie. name Organization) with ________ (ie. 2 RN’s on the med surg unit). You are welcome to vary and enhance what is in the example.

Transcript (script)

1. Just Culture. Define.
Include Exemplar(s).
30 Points

2. Accountability. Promotion of accountablity to individuals and organizations.
Include Exemplar(s).
30 Points

3. Patient Safety/Influence of Error. Discuss effects of using a Just Culture to reduce error and improve quality of care.
Include Exemplar(s).
30 Points

APA Format.
Organization (3 sections). Cover Page. Content approx. 2 pages (400 – 600 words). Reference List: Minimum 2.
10 Points.

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