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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

After completing this week’s reading, discuss ways management can attract, select, and recruit diverse employees in an organization. Create a scenario in which you use specific strategies to attract, select, and recruit diverse employees for your organization. Identify a strategy you could use.

In your response to your peers, offer a different approach to the scenario provided. How does your suggest approach offer additional strategies?


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words

I believe the best way management can attract, select, and recruit diverse employees in an organization is to promote to the type of potential employees that can effectively accomplish the job. In many companies that have a large mix of different ethnic groups with different cultural backgrounds. I believe the solution to achieving an employee of different ethnic groups would be to inform them that there is a policy that protects their equal opportunity rights. Next, I would promote diversity on the company’s website. Finally, I would offer to the employees a referral bonus for anyone they know that may be qualified to effectively get the job done.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words

For starters, if you are looking to attract, select, and recruit diverse employees in an organization, you should set your criteria to all when posting a job. That way it’s searchable by many individuals that have the skills set for the role. This should include internal and external candidates. Companies or the hiring personal would want to think about where you are posting and in what fashion. Did we make the posting appeal to all audiences? Possible idea here, could be having pictures on your job posting via social media or job fair banners of all genders, race, even someone that may have a disability (a person in a wheelchair for example). You could make it a live event, and have these individuals from your origination join you at the job fair! The hiring personal can also, request encouraging other diverse associates for referrals.

Another main point is making sure to include as much job details about the role and company that’s offering the position. This will give applicants a proper way to prepare and get a good understanding of the role being offered, giving you stronger applicants.

I would also think doing the same for your selection and recruiting process. Have panel interviews where you have multiple views and opinions, via all genders, race or others with disabilities. Setting the stage for what you are looking for and what not to shy away from, such as wanting someone with experience but not removing someone that can show the passion, drive and dedications for the role that may fall short of some experience.

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