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  • n this assignment, you will propose the design of a short online course you will build at the end of the course using CourseSites.com (a free version of Blackboard). The design must be informed by at least one learning theory such as communities of inquiry, connectivism, direct instruction, online collaborative learning, etc. The design must also have a specific, real-world purpose and audience, such as “a two-module course that will educate 100 Target employees about a new timesheet completion procedure” or “an online workshop that will guide college students in the job-hunting process”.In your Prospectus, please include the following:1. Overview (Design Type, Goals, Learning Objectives, and Potential Difficulties):a. Design Need & Goals should include statements about (1) what specific needs the learning design/technology will be serving, (2) who the design/technology is serving (the learner group), (3) how your design will demonstrate your chosen learning theory to meet those needs and serve that learner group (goals). The context and the need for the learning design or technology should be clearly articulated as well as how you believe the design and theory you’re applying will assist learners in meeting those needs..b. Design Type: Explain the category and length of design you have in mind (a two-module online workshop, a three-week online course). Explain why you believe this learning experience should fall into this category and type.c. Learning Objectives: One of the most important aspects of instructional design is to include the learning objectives. Use action verbs from the revised Bloom’s taxonomy to write at least two sentences that explain what the learners should be able to do, know, and/or understand by the end of the learning experience. These objectives should be directly tied to the goals and needs you articulated above.d. Difficulties: List difficulties that might emerge throughout the development and implementation of the design.2. What’s Been Done: A summary and link to at least 2 similar learning experiences that might provide some insight into your design. You will be graded on your ability to make connections with other designs currently available in the market (other courses, MOOCs, webinars, workshops, etc.). Please provide links to these designs where appropriate.3. What’s Been Said: A brief list and 1-2 sentence summary of at least 2 scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles, case studies, or research studies that you believe relate to the type of online learning experience you are designing. At least one of these should be from our readings for this course. You will be graded on how well the sources tie into your goals and design type. Please make sure you identify how each resource/article relates to your proposed design. (NOTE: you will add to this list and expand/lengthen your summaries later in this course for the Annotated Bibliography assignment.)4. Wild Ideas: Students will include at least 5 ‘wild ideas’ that represent creative solutions or functions that are “outside the box” when it comes to this learning experience. However, students will also be graded on the appropriateness of the proposed fit between the wild idea and the goals of the learning experience. For instance, proposing as a Wild Idea that Facebook be used to submit a federally regulated document would not be acceptable.5. Bibliography/Reference List (APA format): Include here the full bibliographic entry for any source you cited in the above sections. For more info on APA style, see here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ Citation tools include https://www.zotero.org/ and http://www.citationmachine.net/apa/cite-a-journal
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