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Discussion Question/Prompt

  • Discuss the differences between the relationships of information literacy, health literacy, and information technology skills. Give 2 examples of each and describe the significance in nursing.
  • Summarize the PICO process and research finding results. Identify a resource(s) for writing a clinical research question using PICO. Use the MEDLINE/PubMed PICO search tool to write the research question using the components of PICO.
  • Why use Evidence-based practice in Nursing? Discuss ways it influences patient care, safety, and quality.
  • Identify one evidence-based practice nursing resource you found by internet search. Discuss how you used information literacy skills to find and evaluate healthcare information you found.
  • Discuss the differences between information found in scholarly articles, articles in nursing magazines, and websites. Discuss the principles of evidence-based practice in relation to each.

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