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Question: On the discussion forum, describe an instance where a government has taken some action the result of which is influence on commerce.

Post: Government can change the rules and regulations which are related to business as well as industries from time to time, and you must be aware of laws and changes had been made by the government. Changes in the business mean a change in the method of their work. In the United States of America, the government has changed some policies which have affected the oil companies in some different ways. The companies need to be flexible enough to understand and respond to the changes made by the government. Therefore, it has taken great effort as well as time in adjusting the activities of the oil companies (Vivoda, 2010).

Oil companies in the U.S. were among the innovators in foreign involvement, which is looking around abroad originally for markets as well as enhancing for sources of oil. In 1940, the U.S government became a net exporter of oil in the industry, and it was able to cover the oil requirements from domestic resources from the late 1960s. There were always a conflict with other energy producers between the industries in the U.S. The U.S government has made foreign oil policy which has been changed not by the structure of the industry but also with the fortunate position of the business in the U.S. and these amendments have helped the government to end up the conflict between industries. There are two reasons for which the Department of State has shown the interests of the big oil companies, ideological and organizational, and those actions can have a great impact on U.S. foreign policy. Nowadays, the oil industry has become the finest, modern, and best-organized sector of the U.S. economy (Liaoa, Loures, Deschamps, Brezinskia, & Venâncio, 2018).

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