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This essay is about William Carlos Williams and Oliver Sacks. Write a well-organized Essay of approximately 800 words, that is responsive to the following question: How is the doctor/patient relationship reflected in the stories and poems of William Carlos Williams (or the “Afterword” by William Eric Williams or the “Introduction” by Robert Coles), as well as the clinical tales by Oliver Sacks? Be sure to make some reference to at least five works in each of these volumes (ten works in total). For W.C. Williams, be sure to include at least one poem, and for Sacks, choose at least one work from each of the four sections of his book.

Reference for your help: Read in W.C. Williams, The Doctor Stories, the following: “Introduction,” vii-xv; “Mind and Body,” (p. 13); “The Girl With a Pimply Face,” (p. 42); “The Use of Force,” (p. 56); “A Night in June,” (p.61); “Jean Beicke,” (p. 69); “The Paid Nurse,” (p. 92); “Ancient Gentility,” (p. 99); “The Practice,” (p. 119); “Poems,”(pp. 127-132.); “Afterword” (p.133).

2/3: Read in Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” (p. 8); “The Lost Mariner,” (p. 23); “The Disembodied Lady,” (p. 43); “Hands,” (p. 59); “On the Level,” (p. 71); “Witty Ticcy Ray,” (p. 92); “Cupid’s Disease,” (p. 102); “Reminiscence,” (p. 132); “A Passage to India,” (p. 153); “The Dog Beneath the Skin,” (p. 156); “Murder,” (p. 161); all stories in “The World of the Simple,” (pp. 178-233).

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