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As a participant in art, you gain a greater understanding about art in general—and about specific pieces of art within a genre. As your understanding of art grows, your perception changes. Throughout this process, it is helpful to reflect on how your perception of art has changed. Do you feel the same about the Mona Lisa now that you have had an opportunity to study her in your course text? Were you surprised that scale and space can have an impact on your sensory experience with art? Before you began this course, had you ever considered that art may have a practical use, as well as aesthetic value?

To prepare:

Review your introductory post in the Class Café from Week 1of the course. Reflect on how your perception of art has changed during this course.

By Day 3

Post an explanation of how your perception of art has changed and what sparked the change. Also, explain how the roles of art have changed in your society.

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