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Week 4

Discussion Board Form

You will complete 2 of the 5 entities below by Wednesday at 2359, and reply to 2 colleagues by Saturday night at 2359 with a substantive remark, citing an experience, a comparison, a reference, or a link.

  • Pregnancy—views toward pregnancy and/or what attitude does a pregnant woman assume?
  • Food—what is and is not eaten in your cultures/families?
  • Family—specifically, head of household.(Who is it and what role/authority does he/she have? Is the “official” head of household the one who is operationally the head? Who makes the decisions on how money is spent?)
  • Death rituals—how does your culture find closure after the death of a loved one?
  • Sickness rituals.(One student said her mother always rubbed Vicks on her chest when she was sick, and that even now, until she has the “Vicks smell” in her room, she can’t really feel she has treated her cold or flu. Your patients may feel the same—and yet most facilities don’t allow anyone with oxygen to use petroleum products like Vicks because of risk of burns.)

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