Question 35 Exam #2 The service division of Raney Industries reported the following results for 2017. $586,400 Sales 351,840 Variable Costs Question 4 controllable fixed costs 56,200 Average operating assets 621,300 Management is considering the following independent courses of action in 2018 in order to maximize the return on investment for this division. uestion 8 1. Reduce average operating assets by $123,200, with no change in controllable margin. 2. ncrease sales $106,400, with no change in the contribution margin percentage uestion 12 ollable margin and the return on investment for 2017. (Round ROI to 1 decimal place, Compute the co e.g. 1.5.) Controllable margin uestion 16 Return on investment for 2017 uestion 20 Compute the controllable margin and the expected return on investment for each proposed alternative. (Round ROI to 1 decimal place, e.g. 1.5.) 23 lternative lternative uestion 24 The Controllable margin 4 8:48


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