Calculate total product oosts, given the following: $15,000 $150,000 Sales Salary Exp $10,000 Mu Equip Depreciation omice Equip Depreciation $12,000 $22,000 Direct Labor 31.082,ooo None of the above LOUIE Inc. manufactures dog houses has the fa10 and (az20 following information for the year 2013 $67,500 $11.750 Direct Labor $117,500 Factory Depreciation Cost of $8,000 The beginning inventory balances are as follows: Raw Materials Work in Process $42.000 Finished Goods $12,000 $49.500 (31) Calcuate the ending inventory in Work in Process at 12/31/13: $340,350 $90,000 $24,650 None of the above Page 8


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