73) In ________, the selected format is applied to a cell if the cell content makes the specified condition true.

74) What conditional formatting option is useful in identifying higher and lower numbers in a large group of data?

75) When a cell containing a sparkline is selected, the Sparkline Tools ________ contextual tab appears on the Ribbon.

76) The default chart type for a sparkline is ________.

77) Sparklines are used to show ________.

78) Select the ________ of the single occurrence you want to replace in the Find All list of the Find and Replace dialog box to change just that one occurrence.

79) The Find and Select button is located in the ________ group on the Home tab.

80) The Replace All option, in the Find and Replace dialog box, should be used only when the search string is ________.

81) The Freeze Panes button is in the Window group of the ________ tab.

82) When the Freeze Panes command is applied in a worksheet, the frozen rows and columns become separate ________.

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