62) A row or column is inserted into a worksheet at the location of the selected cell or cells.

63) When a new row or column is inserted in a range of cells used in a function, the range in the function is not automatically adjusted to include that new row or column.

64) The content of a cell can be edited in the worksheet by double-clicking the cell.

65) The Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons actually add or remove decimal places to the underlying value in a cell.

66) A word identified as misspelled in the Spelling dialog box may actually be spelled correctly.

67) The Spelling dialog box does NOT suggest corrections for words identified as misspelled.

68) When the header or the footer of a worksheet is active, the Header & Footer Tools Layout contextual tab appears on the Ribbon.

69) In Normal View, headers and footers are displayed on the monitor.

70) Worksheet headers and footers are divided into three sections—left, middle, right.

71) Dotted page break lines appear in a worksheet after it is viewed in Print Preview.

72) Underlying formulas and functions can be displayed in a worksheet and printed.

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