21) Which of the following statements is NOT true about wired networks?

A) Less expensive to install

B) Transmits signals through wires

C) Transmits data faster than wireless

D) Is more secure than wireless

22) A ________ is a device that translates signals between a router and an ISP.

A) port

B) modem

C) touchpad

D) smartphone

23) When you save a document to The Cloud, it is uploaded to a ________.

A) server


C) card reader

D) port

24) Common ________ apps include word processing, presentations, e-mail, and calendars.

A) educational

B) web

C) utility

D) social media

25) ________ is a Windows networking tool that makes it easy to share pictures, music, documents, and printers.

A) Homegroup

B) Database software

C) Bluetooth

D) Streaming Media

26) Users with a ________ privilege can open a document but cannot save any changes.

A) write

B) delete

C) read

D) rename

27) Office 365 is a ________ service.

A) subscription

B) diagnostic

C) prescriptive

D) backup

28) When you save your files to ________, you will have access to your files from any computer connected to the Internet.

A) CloudDrive

B) Drive C

C) SkyDrive

D) Drive A

29) A(n) ________ computer provides more computing power.

A) desktop

B) tablet

C) smartphone

D) embedded

30) If you know you need Microsoft Word, you will need a Windows or ________ computer.

A) Linux

B) Apple

C) Unix

D) Android

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