11) All of the following are options of the Clear button EXCEPT ________.

A) Clear All

B) Clear Formats

C) Clear Contents

D) Clear Error Value

12) When Clear Content is selected from the Clear button options, only the ________ is removed from the cell.

A) fill

B) text

C) comment

D) hyperlink

13) The cut and copy commands make use of temporary storage called the ________.

A) Pasteboard

B) Temporary Board

C) Clipboard

D) Cut/Copy board

14) When a selection has been made and the cut button or copy button is clicked, the selection is ________.

A) highlighted

B) surrounded by a moving border

C) surrounded by a red solid border

D) surrounded by a green solid border

15) Clicking the Paste arrow opens the ________ gallery.

A) Clipboard

B) Cut/Paste

C) Copy/Paste

D) Paste Options

16) When pasting a range of cells, you only need to select the ________ corner of the paste area.

A) upper right

B) upper left

C) lower right

D) lower left

17) Clicking the Paste button places the ________ in the destination cells.

A) cell content only

B) cell formatting only

C) cell content and cell formatting

D) cell content, cell formatting, and column width

18) When multiple worksheet tabs are selected, the title bar displays the word ________ after the name of the workbook.

A) Group

B) Connected

C) Pivot

D) Linked

19) The Select All Sheets option appears when the user ________.

A) double-clicks on a sheet tab

B) double-clicks on the tab scrolling buttons

C) right-clicks on a sheet tab

D) right-clicks on the tab scrolling buttons

20) Sheet tab grouping can be canceled by ________.

A) clicking the word Group]on the title bar

B) right-clicking the word Group on the title bar and selecting Ungroup

C) single-clicking on any worksheet tab


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