Blanche's Boxes makes cardboard shipping cartons in a single operation. This period, Blanche purchased $62,000 in raw materials. Blanche's Boxes incurred $135,000 in factory payroll costs, of which $125,000 was direct labor. Blanche's Boxes requisitioned $9,000 of indirect materials from its raw materials and used $10,000 of indirect labor in its production of boxes. Also, it incurred $156,000 of other factory overhead costs. It applies factory overhead at the rate of 140% of direct labor costs. Blanche's Boxes completed 20,000 boxes costing $275,000 and transferred them to finished goods. Prepare its journal entry to record the transfer of the boxes from production to finished goods inventory View transaction list Journal entry worksheet Record the transfer of goods from production to finished goods. Note: Enter debits before credits. Event General Journal DebitCredit Record entry Clear entry


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