81) A computer is a system of smaller ________ working together.

82) ________ is a set of instructions stored on your computer.

83) A(n) ________ computer is designed to be placed permanently at a work station.

84) A method for interacting with the computer using icons is called a(n) ________.

85) When a tile displays a larger view of the program, it is in ________ mode.

86) ________ is an operating system designed for computers with Intel-based processors.

87) The touch screen gesture “tap” is equivalent to the ________ mouse command.

88) A mouse that uses radio waves over short distances is connected to a computer using ________.

89) A(n) ________ is an input device used to point to and click screen elements.

90) A virtual keyboard that displays on a touch screen is a(n) ________ keyboard.

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