11) Which cells are included in the notation A1:D1?

A) A1, B1, and C1

B) B1, C1, and D1

C) A1 and D1

D) A1, B1, C1, and D1

12) Which symbol inserted between two cell addresses indicates a range?

A) colon

B) semi-colon

C) period

D) comma

13) The Merge & Center button is in the ________ group on the Home tab.

A) Font

B) Alignment

C) Number

D) Cells

14) When a range is selected, the name box displays the cell address of ________.

A) the first cell in the range

B) the last cell in the range

C) all cells in the range

D) none of the cells in the range

15) An underlying value that does mathematical calculations on numeric values in a worksheet is ________.

A) the Formula AutoComplete

B) a formula

C) a text value

D) a cell address

16) The ________ displays a list of functions that match the first letter typed.

A) Formula AutoComplete feature

B) edit feature

C) Quick Access Toolbar

D) formula bar

17) When a cell is part of an active function, it is ________.

A) surrounded by a solid border

B) highlighted

C) surrounded by a moving border

D) preceded by an Options button

18) Placing content in a cell can be done by pressing the Enter key or by clicking the ________.

A) Cancel button

B) Enter button

C) Esc key

D) column header

19) The symbol on the Enter button is a(n) ________.

A) right arrow

B) left arrow

C) x

D) checkmark

20) When a formula is in an active cell, the underlying formula is visible in the ________.

A) Name Box

B) worksheet

C) formula bar


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