The accounts and balances that follow are from the general ledger of DimazCompany. Compute the (1) working capital and (2) current ratio.Accounts Payable $ 6,640Accounts Receivable 4,080Cash 600Current Portion of Long-Term Debt 4,000Long-Term Investments 8,320Marketable Securities 5,040Merchandise Inventory 10,160Notes Payable (90 days) 6,000Notes Payable (2 years) 16,000Notes Receivable (90 days) 10,400Notes Receivable (2 years) 8,000Prepaid Insurance 160Property, Plant, and Equipment 48,000Property Taxes Payable 500I. Dimaz, Capital 22,640Salaries Payable 340Supplies 140Unearned Revenue 300

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