Test SARAH GARDPEE 1 443447 Test Exam 3 23 of 24 (19 complete) This Question: 2 pts ueo company has e pety ash fund ofs27o Arthe end of e monen $1217 remains in the fund along win szm1.13 in variou receipts The joemel entrytoreplenish the snd would be O debit various expenses, $24383; debit Cash short for $13.80 and oredi cash for $257.63. O B. debit various expenses, $271.43 and credit Cash for $271.43. O c. debit Petty Cash for $257.63 and credit Cash for s25763. O D. debit various expenses, $271.43; oredit Cash over fors13Bo and credit Cash for s25763. ck to select your answer.

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