Swarthmore clothing corporation grams its customers 30 days credit. The company uses the allowance period for its um collectible accounts receivable. During the year, a monthly bas debt accrual is made by multiplying 2% times the amount of credit sales for the month. at the visual year end of December 31, an ageing or accounts receivable Scottsdale is pre panes and the accompanier for un convertible accounts is adjusted accordingly At the end of 2015, accounts receivable were $94,000 and the allowance account had a credit balance of $58,000. Accounts receivable activity for 2016 was as follows: The company’s contravener prepares the following agency sunning of year-end accounts receivable: Prepare a summarily journal entry to record the months bad debt accrual and write off s during the year. prepare the receivable year-end adjusting entry for had debt what is total had debt expense for 2016? How would accounts receivable appear in the 2016 balance sheer?


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