Simonsen, Paulson, and Richardson are partners in a firm with the following capital account balances: $50,000 Simonsen Paulson 180,000 Richardson 90,000 The profit-and-loss-sharing ratio among Simonsen, Paulson, and Richardson is 1:3:2, in the order given. Paulson is retiring from the partnership on December 31, 2017. Paulson’s capital account is settled at book value. Which of the following journal entries would the firm record for Paulson’s withdrawal? O A. Paulson, Capital 180,000 Cash 180,000 O B. Cash 180,000 Paulson, Capital 180,000 O C. Paulson, Capital 180,000 120,000 Cash Simonsen, Capital 20,000 40,000 Richardson, Capital O D. Paulson, Capital 180,000 Simonsen, Capital 50,000 Richardson, Capital 90.000 320,000 Cash.

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