Robin Corporation begins the period with a balance in unearned revenue of dollar 30,000 related to unredeemed gift cards. During the period, dollar 800,000 in gift cards are sold and dollar 600,000 worth of gift cards are redeemed. How much revenue from gift cards will Robin recognize this period? What will be the balance in the unearned revenue account at the end of the period? Please do not include any punctuation in your answers. (Answers should be just a number in each box.) Your company buys a computer system from IBM for dollar 3 million and pays IBM dollar 200,000 to install the computer system. The dollar 3 million is on credit and your company pays dollar 100,000 of interest on the loan in the current year. The acquisition cost of the computer system at the end of the current year will be: dollar -3 million dollar 3.2 million dollar 3.3 million dollar 3 million dollar 3.1 million dollar -2 million Brokson purchased a machine four years ago for dollar 3,500. Brokson has recorded dollar 2,400 of depreciation on the machine. Now, Brokson sells the machine for dollar 800. Which of the following is true? Brokson has a dollar 2700 loss from the sale Brokson has a dollar 800 gain from the sale Brokson has a dollar 300 gain from the sale Brokson has a dollar 300 loss from the sale

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