Question 4) The following are the transactions of Flint Hills Pro Shop during the month of April. Apr. 5 Purchased gold bags, clubs, and balls on account from Akers Co. $1,500, terms 3/10, n/60. 7 Paid freight on Akers Co. purchases of $80. 9 Received credit from Akers Co. for merchandise returned $200. 10 Sold merchandise on account to members $1,340, terms n/30 12 Purchased golf shoes, sweaters, and other accessories on account from Palmer Sportswear $830, terms 14 Paid Akers Co. in full 17 Received credit from Palmer Sportswear for merchandise returned $80. 20 Made sales on account to members $810, terms n/30. 21 Paid Palmer Sportswear in full. 2/10, n/30. 27 Granted credit to members for clothing that did not fit properly $80. 30 Received payments on account from members $1,220. nstructions (no color required) Journalize the transactions using a periodic inventory system

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