Present entries to record the following summarized operationsrelated to production for a company using a job order cost system:(a) Materials purchased on account $176,000 (b) Prepaid expensesincurred on account 12,200 (c) Materials requisitioned: Forproduction orders 153,700 For general factory use 2,700 (d) Factorylabor used: On production orders 141,300 For general factorypurposes 12,000 (e) Depreciation on factory equipment 37,000 (f)Expiration of prepaid expenses, chargeable to factory 6,100 (g)Factory overhead costs incurred on account 76,000 (h) Factoryoverhead applied, based on machine hours 105,300 (i) Jobs finished415,300 (j) Jobs shipped to customers: Cost 412,000 Selling price(assume all sold on account) 638,000


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