PB7-1 Analyzing the Effects of Four Alternative Inventory Methods in a Periodic Inventory System [LO 7-3] Mojo Industries tracks the number of units purchased and sold throughout each accounting period but applies its inventory costing method at the end of each period, as if it uses a periodic inventory system Assume its accounting records provided the following information at the end of the accounting period January 31. The inventory’s selling price is $13 per unit. Transactions Inventory, January 1 Sale, January 10 Purchase, January 12 Sale, January 17 Purchase, January 26 Unit Cost Units Total Cost 250 (190) 300 (160) 75 $4.50 5.00 6.00 $1,125 1,500 450 Assuming that for Specific identification method (item 1d) the January 10 sale was from the beginning inventory and the January 17 sale was from the January 12 purchase.

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