P5-17 Sander departn tional n E5-8 Total and Unit Costs; Weighted-Average Method Agua-Paint,Inc. produces processing departments. Department A’s data on units and costs for the last are presented below: uously of Jul an environmentally corect paint that goes through two Percent Completed Units Materials Conversion 30 37,000 36,000 Units transferred out Work in process, ending . 4,000 80 40 Cost Materials Conversion 10,000 6,000 187,000 220,200 Work in process, beginning Required: The company uses the weighted-average method of accounting for production and costs. 1. Compute the equivalent units for the period. 2. Compute the materials and conversion costs per equivalent unit for the period 3. Compute the cost of goods completed. 4. Compute the cost of ending work in process. E5-9 Total and Unit Costs; FIFO Method Refer to E5-8. Use the same data and FIFO method of accounting for production and costs.

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