ote to w older co. on Jan1st a four month loan at 8% interest rate. If Wolder honors the note on May 1t, Record the entry a) Debit Cash 1,000, Credit A/R 1000 b. Debit Cash 1,026, Credit A/R 1,000, Interest Rev. 26 Debit Cash 1,026, Credit N/R 1,000, Interest Rev. 26 d) Debit Cash 1,000, Credit N/R 1,000 14) Assume the unadjusted trial balance shows Allowance for Doubtful Accounts with a credit balance of $728. Prepare the adjusting entry a estimate of uncollectible receivables from the aging schedule ssuming $2,228 is the 15) Assume that Warden Co. writes off Scotts $200 balance as uncollectible on December 12. As direct write off Warden’s entry is:

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